Revitalize and Replenish

What is iSkinBright?

iSkinPure clinic offers a non-invasive procedure for skin rejuvenation, skin whitening, and removal of telangiectasia. The procedure utilizes advanced technology to stimulate collagen production, which helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and improve skin texture.

Additionally, the treatment targets hyperpigmentation, such as age spots and sun damage, resulting in a brighter and more even skin tone. The removal of telangiectasia, or spider veins, helps to reduce redness and improve the overall appearance of the skin. The procedure is safe, and effective, and requires minimal downtime.

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iSkinBright is a combination of several techniques in one procedure aimed at improving the quality of the skin. – skin cleansing – IPL – micro-needling – a special mask tailored to the condition of the skin

People who have:

– dehydrated skin;

– decreased skin tone;

– thin skin;

– wrinkles;

– skin ptosis;

– pigmentation;

– water retention;

– vascular lesions;

– rosacea.

The benefits of ISkin Bright:

  • Age spots (red/brown pigmentations)
  • Vascular lesions such as facial telangiectasias (spider veins) and poikiloderma
  • Rosacea (redness)
  • Freckles
  • Sun damage
  • Reduction of pore sizes and refinement of the skin complexion
  • Soft skin

Treatment carries several risks, including burns, blisters, scarring, and skin discolouration. It can also cause eye injury, especially if not properly protected. IPL should only be performed by trained professionals in a controlled setting to minimize these risks.

To get ready for iSkinBright, consult with a qualified practitioner and inform them of any medical conditions or allergies. Avoid taking blood thinners and alcohol before treatment.

Redness and a slight warming of the skin are normal after treatment and usually subside within an hour. Over the next 24-48 hours you may see a darkening of pigmented spots; in the week afterwards the pigmented lesions flake off, leading to an evening out of skin tone. After treating vascular lesions you may see the vein blanch and disappear or a colour change in the vessel which dissipates after a few days.

After iSkinBright, patients may experience redness, swelling, and slight discomfort in the treated area. These side effects typically subside within a few hours to a few days.

The duration of the procedure is 1 hour.

Most patients will see results within a few weeks of their iSkinBright treatment. However, multiple sessions may be necessary for optimal results. The timeline for treatment will depend on the specific concerns being addressed and the patient’s individual response to the procedure.