iSkinPure to be carrying Ola Hawaiian Body Products!

iSkinPure will now be carrying Ola Hawaiian Body Products! Read the Ola story below to learn more!

Robin Williams was raised on art, music and dance, and a healthy lifestyle that included hiking and camping, sailing, gardening, cooking, crafting and writing, and was able to travel the world at a young age. She received a BA in Dance, lived in New York City, and San Francisco, performing with dance companies and working in restaurants. In 1989 she stopped dancing and started her first clothing company. In 1996 she married husband, furniture maker Chris Rooke, and in 1998 their daughter Hayden was born. In 2001 the family moved to join their family in Hawaii, and in 2005 started Hawaiian Body Products on The Big island of Hawaii.

With a strong entrepreneurial back ground, they converted an old flower packing house into a small farm style factory and quickly mastered the complexities of manufacturing premium natural body and skin care products. 

Hawaiian Body Products demonstrates an environmentally conscious business model that is committed to preserving land, people and culture. Robin and Chris ensure that these values are what drive their business, making sure that every step is done with integrity and respect.  Being close to the source is important to create synergy with local farmers and the community.

The Hawaiian Islands boast some of the most fertile, volcanic, mineral rich land in the United States and are surrounded by some of the purist water in the world.

This is where Ola Tropical Apothecary makes Hawaii’s premier organic, bath, body and skin care lines that are highly active using sheer plant synergy to create powerful food for your skin.

We celebrate the fact that we live in a place where ancient values are still intact, where there is a reverence for the land and where plant medicine is still practiced.

The concept of oneness is intrinsic to Hawaiian culture and is realized when the earth’s energy is transferred to the plant, to the hands that harvest the plant, to the hands that transform the plants into healing products, to the hands that use the products…

This is the true art of ancient herbalism and this wisdom and awareness of connectivity is what separates Ola products and services from other product lines.

We honor the universal effort that is responsible for the creation of our products, and appreciate all of our partners whose hands participate in their making.

Authentically hand crafted on the Big Island of Hawaii, Ola Tropical Apothecary, guided by ancient wisdom passed on by our local kupuna, utilize certified organic, locally grown and wild crafted ingredients carefully selected for their skin healing properties, blended with pure Hawaiian deep sea water, Hawaiian salt, organic local honey and organic tropical oils to create premium anti-aging body and skin care products to help maintain healthy, radiant and youthful skin.

Because we hand make every one of our products we know exactly what goes into each product. We take pride in providing you with Hawaii’s best natural bath and body products and can assure you that you are get exactly what you see on the labels.

By supporting Ola Tropical Apothecary Beauty and wellness products you support a multitude of small farmers and businesses and a company that is responsible, sustainable and transparent.  By supporting our product lines, you are also supporting the dozens of local communities and organizations in Hawaii that we support.  This includes local schools, family shelters, drug abuse programs, elder care centers, breast cancer awareness and cultural awareness organizations.

Ola Tropical Apothecary is a family owned and operated Hawaiian brand and a featured line at all of Hawaii’s finest resort spas and salons since 2005.